APWAPS’ session in APFF

APWAPS organizes a workshop on “Our Identity Weaponized: Sharing Feminist Strategies Against Violent Extremism”

Rising violent extremism and dependency on security approach in dealing with the issue have intensified militarism in the Asia Pacific region. This situation brings out specific impacts to women’s lives, particularly because the involved actors have deliberately utilized identity politics to undermine, corner and attack women and women’s human rights. For many of us, this situation is a continuation of prolonged conflict in our countries.

The complexity of recent situation requires us to obtain new perspective and strategies in order to be able to effectively respond to both the root causes and consequences. This is possible through collective reflective process on our understanding on conflict transformation in various conflict-affected communities in Asia Pacific and our lessons learned from strategies of resistance and resilience in dealing with the transformation. This workshop is designed to address that need and to develop ideas for strengthening our collective actions on this matter.

If you share similar concerns, join us in this effort. Our workshop will be at:
Paytai Room, 3rd floor, Empress Hotel
Thursday, September 7, 2017 – 2:30-5:30 PM Sessionsapwaps in apff copy.jpg


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