APWAPS’ Preparation for High Level Political Forum

In preparation to engage with the High Level Political Forum (HLPF), APWAPS held an online discussion amongst its affiliates on May 17th 2017. Online discussion is a capacity sharing space APWAPS has created, noticing the geographic spread of its affiliates.

HLPF is the UN central platform to monitor the implementation of SDGs. The 2017 HLPF will take place in NY in July 2017 and will be focusing on “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world“.

During APWAPS regional consultation in late December 2015, we identified that this forum is as one of the strategic advocacy avenues for APWAPS to raise our concerns on the relation between peace and development, particularly in relation to Goal 16 and Goal 5. This year meeting is even particularly important because amongst 31 countries that will voluntarily report to the Forum, some are countries in where affiliates of APWAPS are working, namely Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Afghanistan.

The online discussion was lead by APWLD, one of the co-conveners of APWAPS. From the very beginning, APWLD has been pushing for CSOs’ active and substantive engagement with the forum. Hence, APWLD co-convened the establishment of Regional CSO engagement mechanism (RCEM). AP-RCEM has 5 subregional focal points, with 17 constituency focal points, one of which is on “people affected by conflict and Disaster”. AP-RCEM has conducted series of activities to prepare CSOs intervention in HLPF. APWAPS needs to engage with AP-RCEM to voice its concerns, whilst APWAPS’ affiliates can work with local organizations in their respective countries that has been joining AP-RCEM.

We noted that tthe space for CSOs intervention in HLPF might be very limited. The duration for CSOs intervention depend on duration provided to the state and the meeting’s leadership. In addition, only organizations that have ECOSOC’s accreditation are eligible to speak. Hence, t o ensure the inclusion of CSO’s voice, APWLD will hold People’s forum parallel to the meeting. APWAPS and its affiliates are advised to engage with this side event.

More info re HLPF, please refer to https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/hlpf and http://asiapacificrcem.org/





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