What does APWAPS look like?

Organisations and individuals associated with APWAPS recently completed a survey, providing input on their activities related to women, peace and security, their capacity building initiatives, research/documentation and their input to APWAPS.   When the responses under each question were collated and turned into “tagxedo” word images, the result is a graphic snap shot of our work, interests and concerns.   The more frequently the word appeared in the collated responses, the more prominently is appears in the graphic.  So this is what APWAPS looks like:

Our work on women, peace and security:

work on WPS tagxedo

Our capacity building initiatives:

capacity building tagxedo

Our research and documentation:

research and documentation tagxedo

Ideas about what is needed to promote more effective advocacy and action to promote the women, peace and security agenda and bring about the kind of peace and security that matters to women:

input to APWAPS tagxedo



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