Shan Women’s Action Network/ Women’s League of Burma

Organisation name Shan Women’s Action Network/ Women’s League of Burma
Address P O Box 120 Prasingh Post Office  Chiang Mai 50205 Thailand
Social media Shan Women’s Action Network / Women’s League of Burma
Contact person / email
Related activities on women, peace and security SWAN is mother organization & WLB is an umbrella organization made up of 13 member organizations from Burma with different political & ethnic backgroundsAt local level, SWAN does awareness on peace building through trainings workshops & public events on Thai Shan border & through out Shan State & inside Burma with Shan communities. SWAN documents cases of sexual violence committed by Burma’s army and released report. License to Rape is a groundbreaking report, which triggered the world’s condemnation agsinst Burma’s military regime.

At national level, SWAN collaborates with WLB Secretariat & member organizations in peace and democracy in Burma through WLB peace mission monitoring the current peace process and advocating for the meaningful participation of women at peace talks at different levels in particular at national level.

SWAN is an active member of monitoring team for Shan Civil society organizations & WLB peace mission.

At international level, we occasionally attend annual 1325 lobby week. We translated 1325 into various ethnic languages of Burma for Peacewomen website. WLB & member organizations are active participants of regional & international peace networks including the International Coordinator of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP).


WLB and members including SWAN has continued documenting the Burma’s military rape agsinst ethnc women. The report “ Same impunity, same patterns “ was released in 2013.


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