Women for Human Rights, single women group (Nepal)

Organisation name Women for Human Rights, single women group
Address Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Website http://www.whr.org.np
Social media http://www.facebook.com/WHRNepal
Contact person / email Sumeera Shrestha, Senior Program Manager

sumeera@whr.org.np   mail@whr.org.np

Related activities on women, peace and security WHR has been working in grassroots level single women and conflict affected women groups extended in 1550 VDCs of 73 districts of the country with membership base of approximately 100,000. WHR has mobilized social mobilisers in the community as women human rights defenders, para legal counselors and peace makers in the community. They are equipped with capacity building trainings regard to national and international human rights instruments, articulating their demands to make the local government and semi government institutes accountable for their services towards the marginalized population of women and other socially excluded groups. WHR has strong national, regional and international level credibility working for women, widows and conflict affected women for peace and security initiatives.

Local level

  • Formed single women groups in 1550 VDCs and municipalities of 73 districts of Nepal
  • 63 single women district committee has been registered with the local government units
  • WHR has built safe houses in 12 districts for the rehabilitation of women who have faced violence, who needs emergency rescue and services
  • 200 social mobilizers are working in the community as para legal counselors, women human rights defenders and peace makers
  • 11 single women district committee have been incorporated single women’s issue in Red book.
  • 7 single women members nominated in Local Peace Committee (LPC) groups and local groups are holding LPC members accountable towards the conflict affected people
  • Working closely with local CSOs working for women, peace and security and national level networks
  • WHR has formed transitional justice loose networks in 10 districts and is also steering committee member of National Monitoring in Gender in second Constituent Assembly election of Nepal

National level

  • The Government of Nepal in the fiscal year 2009/10 announced to provide NRs. 50,000.00 to widows and the man who marries her. WHR demonstrated against this proposed policy and filed writ against this policy at Supreme Court. Supreme Court issued an interim order not to implement this policy as it might not help to the empowerment of widows.
  • In some districts of the Terai region of Nepal, there is still early marriage practice. In such scenario due to many unfavourable circumstances and incidences, the death of husband leaves the young girl as young widow termed as ‘Vailkalya’. This practice of child marriage and child widow was condemned by WHR. WHR filed writ against this evil practice and as a result the Supreme Court decided this case in favour of WHR on 3rd Jesth 2069 B.S.
  • Single women issues have been incorporated in the Government’s Red Book in 11 districts of the country which automatically secures funds for single women in these districts for their empowerment.
  • Incorporated the issues of single women in 10th and 11th five-year plan and also in three- year interim plan of Nepal which has helped to promote the issues of single women at National and International levels.
  • Worked together with the Government to collect national data ( CBS) on widows and now Nepal is the second country in the South Asian Region, after India, to have data on widowhood at National level.
  • For the first time in history The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) set up an Emergency Trust Fund solely for the single women in Nepal with the approval of cabinet and in which WHR is included as a member into its committee.
  • Nepalese Government allocated budget for the social security allowance (Widow’s Allowances) to all the single women regardless of age in the 2068/069 National Policy and Program.
  • WHR is nominated as a member in the high level committee of NAP implementation of the Government. The NAP on UNSCR 1325 and 1820 now has incorporated issues of single women.

Regional level

  • Organized the SAARC level and “International Conference on Capacity Building of single women” where it included “The Kathmandu Widows Charter” on the basis of human rights instruments like CEDAW, CSW, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 & Beijing Platform of Action.
  • WHR being a Secretariat for South Asian Network for Widow’s Empowerment in Development (SANWED), was able to incorporate the issue of widowhood into Colombo Declaration 2008.
  • With the lobby from SANWED, the issues of widowhood and the commitment from all SAARC nations towards the empowerment of widows able to incorporate in point 32 of Colombo Declaration 2008.
  • Regional level meetings and conferences are organized to prevent all forms of violence against women and widows, advocating for the better policies towards single women and strengthen the regional bonding between the organizations working in different issues related to women. Eg. Few network members of India work for elderly violence, violence against women, leadership building, one network member of Srilanka works in direct with the conflict widows and women affected by the civil war there and Tsunami   victims etc.

International level

  • WHR International Chapter was established in the United States of America and Australia. Through this we hope to raise awareness and bring policy changes in the international and United Nations committees.
  • Received Special Consultative Status in ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) in the UN in 2011.
  • Highlighted the plight of single women of Nepal at the CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women) and United Nations Commission of Status of Women (CSW).
  • Organized International Conference on Widowhood: “Widows voices –Empowered” 2010 and Kathmandu Declaration was developed which demanded to have special Rapporteur for Widows and need to have separate desk at UN to look after widows’ issues.
  • Representatives of WHR participate in conferences and thematic workshops and present papers and contribute in the discussions at regional and international level eg. Recent participation in thematic workshop of Peace and Security , Asia-Europe Peace Forum for the preparation of ASEM 10 .

One comment

  • pooja sijapati ( student of social science)

    I felt happy to know about that organization help marginalized and single women.And fight against the social conflict towards women.



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