Asia-Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

Organisation name Asia-Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development
Address 189/3 Changklan Road

Amphoe Muang

Chiang Mai 50100


Social media
Contact person / email Tessa Khan
Related activities on women, peace and security Militarism is a key element of APWLD’s analytical framework; particularly the interaction of militarism (in addition to globalization and fundamentalism) with patriarchy. APWLD uses this analytical framework to situate and understand women’s rights in the region as well as the structural changes that are necessary to fully realize women’s human rights.

APWLD itself does not have a dedicated program to the issue of WPS, but we are likely to develop a module on WPS in our Women in Power program in 2015. APWLD’s members are much more active around the WPS agenda, especially in Burma/Myanmar, Philippines, and Fiji.


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