Savisthri (Women in Development Alternatives) Movement

Organisation name Savisthri (Women in Development Alternatives) Movement
Address 997/43,Park Lane, Rajagiriya,

Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka

Social media @savisthri
Contact Person / Email Padma Pushpakanthi ,
Related activities on women, peace and security Savisthri Movement is a Non Governmental Organization working for the upliftment of the poorest of poor women in farming, fishing and plantation labour sectors in Six Districts of Sri Lanka and place them on a better footing socially, economically and politically. Membership is 2856 and members are scattered in 79 villages in 19 Divisional Secretary’s Divisions. Human Rights Protection of pressure Groups are established in each of the Districts and the members play a vital role against violence against women, domestic violence, gender based violence. Added to this Savisthri conducts training courses, workshops, seminars on skills development of women at District level to enable them to stand on an equal footing with their male counterpart. For this purpose women are encouraged to engage in income generating activities. Mini Societies are established in each of the 79 villages where the members contribute a certain amount of money which enable the members to invest their savings in small projects like making soap, biscuits, rugs etc. sale of which enable them to earn an additional income. Members are encouraged to have their own home gardens where they grow cereals, fruits, vegetables, green leave, etc. using manure devoid of any chemicals which enable them to consume a chemical free nutritious diet. After home consumption, the excess of their produce is sold which provides an additional income.

After the long drawn war between the government forces and the LTTE and which culminated in May 2009, things are not settled as yet with the minority Tamil Community in the North and the East. Savisthri is in communication with the war affected women in the North and the East most of whom are war widows. It is peace and security that Savisthri is dealing with them to have closer ties with those women. Already three mini societies have been established, home gardening encouraged. Action already taken regarding “Legal Clinics in ‘Batticoloa and Vavuniya to find solutions for their various problems including loss of their lands during the war due to them being taken over by the security forces. But they are afraid to divulge information fearing that they would be penalized, Savisthri is determined to continue this process with the sole aim of preserving peace and security.



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