Philippine Coalition for the International Criminal Court

Organisation name Philippine Coalition for the International Criminal Court
Address PCICC

Unit 202 Tempus Place, 21 Matalino Road, Central District, Quezon City Philippines

Social media  Pcicc Bbp
Contact Person / Email Rebecca D. E. Lozada

National Coordinator

Related activities on women, peace and security PCICC supports the International Criminal Court. It worked to ratify the Rome Statute, the treaty on the ICC, and to provide for an implementing legislation. It continues to work on justice on the ground.

The ICC is the first permanent and independent international criminal court that will prosecute crimes of most serious nature: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and once defined, the crime of aggression. One of its landmark features is ground-breaking provisions on sexual and gender related crimes. ‘The criminalization of violent sexual and gender-directed acts in the Statute as crimes against humanity and as war crimes represents a significant step forward in the international community’s recognition of these crimes.’

The PCICC brings forward the gender justice obligations of the Philippines as a state party to the Rome Statute.





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