Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.

Organisation name Balay Mindanaw Foundation Inc.
Address 53-A, 12th Street, Zone 2

Upper Bulua, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City


Social media Balay Mindanaw
Contact Person / Email Rochelle Mordeno, Executive Director
Related activities on women, peace and security Balay Mindanaw is working on these issues (women, peace and security) at the community-based level. We help organized ad strengthen barangay organizations, particularly the Barangay Development Council where basic sectors (especially women’s groups and its participation in the council) should be well represented. We also conducts community peace consultations that discusses local issues which encourages community participation, ownership and development. In response to issues (like violence against women and children), we help organize seminars to help respond such issues as well as dialogue to help reduce violence in the community. We also help organize the Barangay Peace and Order Council (BPOC) to have a space for peace and security issues to be discussed and resolve issues and conflicts. We have these initiatives at the municipal, city and provincial levels. For instance, Balay Mindanaw sits as the co-chair of the city peace, security and development council (the renamed city peace and order council of Cagayan de Oro City). Together with the Archdiocese of Cagayan, we convene a conglomeration of CSOs, govt agencies, military and police in northern Mindanao (called Tulay KALINAW sa MINDANAO) and in north cotabato-maguindanao provinces (called GOOD WEDNESDAY GROUP FOR PEACE) doing peace conversation and dialogue for a to increase understanding and participation in peace processes and conflict issues. Its CSO component also serves as the civilian oversight of the implementation of the Internal Peace and Security Plan of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (both 6th ID and 4th ID). Policy advocacy engagements are also being done in all levels up the national level as we are pushing for the amendment and reframing of the Executive Order 773, Reorganizing the Peace and Order Council as a conflict management and development mechanism rather than anti-insurgency mechanism, Recognition of Peacebuilding initiatives in the AFP Merit System, Strengthening civilian oversight of the IPSP-AFP (Balay Mindanaw is the co-convenor of Bantay Bayanihan), Demobilization of PAGs and CAFGUs towards community reintegration and Arms Control. We also push for the implementation of the EO 570, not only peace education integrated in the curriculum but also education on human rights and women’s rights, IP rights, PWD rights and children’s rights.

Our engagements on community peacebuilding and security security sector partnerships are being carried to our international involvements. One of which is the Action Asia Peacebuilders’ Network, where Balay Mindanaw, through its International Center for Peace in Mindanaw, is the secretariat of this Asian regional network of peace practitioners.

Balay Mindanaw is a member of the Women Engaged in Action for the UNSCR1325 (WEACT1325), Mindanao Peace Advocates Conference, Mindanao Peace Weavers,




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