Women’s Rehabilitation Centre

Organisation name Women’s Rehabilitation Centre
Address Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal Nepal
Website http://www.worecnepal.org
Social media
Contact Person / Email Babu Ram Gautam / executivedirector@worecnepal.org
Related activities on women, peace and security WOREC Nepal is a social organization, non-political and independent, led by women, registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu and primarily focused on advancing women’s equality and human rights, violence against women through organizing women at local level, forming groups, networks and associations to work together, to enhance capacity of the women to increase access to the service and resources and decision making process at all level, to advocate for policy change/formulation since 1991 with the aim to ensure economic, social and cultural rights and minimize violence against women. WOREC Nepal implements its programme directly in 10 districts and central office Kathmandu coordinates with regional and international organizations and runs national level activities.


WOREC Nepal has been conducting two major campaigns in Nepal: violence against women (VAW) campaign; and economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) campaign. Under VAW campaign mainly anti-human trafficking, women empowerment and women human rights defenders campaign are incorporated, while the ESCR campaign covers the right to food/livelihoods, health, and safe migration campaigns and sustainable peace as cross cutting issue. These campaigns are strongly inter-related. Under these major campaigns, more than 1200 women groups working as strong partners of WOREC at community level. These groups are affiliated with 88 women federations and among these 20 federations are already registered as an NGO.


The Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) in Nepal is another important component that implements its activities throughout the country aiming to break the culture of silence and transform women from victimhood to change-makers. The movement of WHRD has stepped on several milestones and its impact has encouraged them to form concerted efforts to challenge the patriarchal norms and values, structural violence has ended on control over their bodies and physical integrity and end violence against women, peace and security. WOREC Nepal works at three levels: at community, district and national level.


The key activities carried out at community level

             Orientation to women federation, youth federation, marginalized community and women groups, farmers group on women issues, human rights, reproductive rights, peace and security.

             Orientation on UNSCR 1325 and 1820.

             Training on human rights, women rights, and gender based violence, peace initiatives, role of youths to transforms conflict into peace and leadership develop of women and youth.

             Support and facilitate to strengthen of peace and security networks.

             Support to enhance coordination, collaboration and linkages among local networks and external agencies.


The key activities carried out at district level

             Facilitation to enhance accountability within the government stakeholders,

             Facilitation to empower survivors for access to justice,

             Engage with human rights networks for protection HR and strengthening networks.

             Monitor human rights violence cases and documentation.


The key activities carried out at national level

             Lobby and advocacy for policy review and enforcement of laws to protect Women Human Rights Defenders and survivors of the violence.

             Anti-Rape Campaign to increase level of awareness on sexual violence and create environment for internalization to understand that sexual violence is a severe violation of women’s right which affects women and society physically, mentally and socially.



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