Women Forum for Women in Nepal (WOFOWON)

Organisation name Women Forum for Women in Nepal (WOFOWON)
Address Gongabu, Kathmandu Municipality– 29, Kathmandu, Nepal Nepal
Social media https://www.facebook.com/wofowon
Contact Person / Email Gomawati Pun (Srijana), Chairperson / wofowon@gmail.com
Related activities on women, peace and security WOFOWON is a Non-Government Organization working to ensure rights of women working in the informal and entertainment sectors. It was established by women working in the same sector in 2008 AD. Since then, it has been working to ensure human rights, labor rights, right to live with dignity and freedom of women working in this sector. WOFOWON works against all kinds of discrimination, suppression, injustices, labor exploitation, oppression, physical and sexual harassments done to women working in informal and entertainment sectors. It is also the first organization established by the women working in the same sector to work collectively against the discrimination to ensure labor rights.

Despite the right to pursue employment for livelihood, majority of the women working in the informal and entertainment sectors are compelled to work in the sector for minimal wages and are in risky situations. In this situation, WOFOWON acts as not only an organization and structure, but also strength and power of women workers.

WOFOWON has been launching various campaigns since its establishment to ensure rights of women working in the informal and entertainment sectors like dance bars, duet (dohori) and gajal restaurants, massage parlors, open and cabin restaurants. The major activities include awareness raising campaigns on labor rights, human rights, safe migration, right to mobility, anti-trafficking, women’s health right and health services, along with activities against violence against women, capacity and skills development programs and advocacy.

WOFOWON believes that unification of women workers is very important to build organized women’s movement. WOFOWON itself is a membership based organization and we also prioritize the unification of women workers through affiliation in trade unions.

WOFOWON is basically working now at regional level in Kathmandu valley where there are most entertainment sectors and women workers. WOFWON has a national level cultural campaign group that focuses on raising awareness in general public through cultural programs. We also work in coordination and collaboration with other networks and organizations working for women’s right at various local, national, regional as well as international level.