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Organisation name Support Nepal
Address PO Box 26431, Min Bhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal Nepal
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Contact Person / Email RoshanaKhadka, General Secretary /
Related activities on women, peace and security
  • Support Nepal has been implementing several campaigns and initiatives focused on women, peace and security. Major interventions are as follow:

o             Advocacy Campaign on UN SCR 1325 in Terai (Sept 07-Jan 08).The project was focused on designing the Advocacy kit for Media’s Role in Promoting UN SCR 1325, training to 210 media persons in seven districts of Eastern and Central Terai. Designing and dissemination of Information leaflet on UN SCR 1325, organization of master training of trainers to 236 women right activists and development of the Action Plan on The Women of Terai in Peace Process, publication and dissemination of the action plan.

o             During 2009-2013, Support Nepal designed and implemented various projects aimed at facilitating the voices of minorities, including women, in the constitution writing process in Nepal. A key part of the interventions was to integrate and mainstream women’s agenda in the various minority rights provisions and issues.

o             Support Nepal, since August 2013, has been implementing a project, Support for Inclusive and Accountable Peace, that is aimed at localizing the national peace framework at local level in 10 conflict-affected districts. An integral part of the project is to ensure that the National Action Plan on UN SCR 1325 and 1820 is implemented at grass root level and that local actors including the non-state peace and human rights organizations join hands with the government-mandated local chapter of the NAP in effectively sustain the outputs envisioned by the NAP. Production and broadcasting of the weekly radio programs at all 10 districts simultaneously on the issues of peace, women and security besides the key components of the NAP is another strategic interventions aimed at raising the awareness of the NAP provisions and their implementation across the 10 districts and at the national level.