Navsarjan Trust

Organisation name Navsarjan Trust
Address India
Social media
Contact Person / Email Ms. Manjula Pradeep / /
Related activities on women, peace and security Navsarjan Trust has been focusing on protection of rights of women mainly from violence and discrimination by effective utilization of domestic laws. We also raise the issues through the national and international human rights mechanisms and bodies. At the local level we are setting up women rights councils to build effective leadership of women and to ensure peace and security for vulnerable women by holding meetings, seminars, tribunals and also doing effective resolution through peaceful processes.

Navsarjan is a national associate of International Dalit Solidarity Network, which is addressing the issues of caste -based discrimination at the UN and EU level. Through IDSN we are organizing Side events on caste and gender based violence on women in India and South Asia. We also do lobbying with the UN diplomats to make them aware about the situation of women from marginalized communities in India and other caste affected countries.

We also train and build leadership of women leaders from grass root groups/organizations at the national level.



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