National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (Sri Lanka)

Organisation name National Fisheries Solidarity Movement
Address No.10,Malwatta Road Negombo Sri Lanka
Social media
Contact Person / email U.M.Geetha Lakmini Fernando /
Related activities on women, peace and security As we have finish the armed conflict within local group cal LTTE and the government forcers in 2009 after 30 years .There is some post war effects still remain against the local people who is speaking Tamil language. This inconvenience are very much badly relevant to the women who is live in the area. On the hand many of women suffered without there breadwinners from the war(some times died from the conflict, Some times missing and some times disable due to fights)As the report of the UN mention .Also unofficial report says there are 80000 of the widows in Northern and southern area still remain. Women of fishing communities face serious hardships. Many households have lost male bread winners and became female headed. Besides having the burden of taking care of the family alone, women without husband (widow or missing husband or deserted) suffer also of a low status in the society. Violence against women and child abuse are frequent. Women also are not sufficiently aware about their legal rights. During the war, many girls from fishing communities were conscripted by LTTE. It is reported that around 1860 female ex-combatants arrested by the SL army after the war, were from fishing communities. They need to be “re-integrated”. However, most of them are traumatized, have little education, few skills and are in poor health. Many are also physically disabled. They also do not have an ID card as well. They live in communities where it is already difficult to start a small enterprise or find employment to generate adequate income for the well being of the family. There is no adequate   professional help to them. So NAFSO approach this area with more concern and empowered above women to survival.



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