Isis International

Organisation name Isis International
Address 3 Marunong Street, Brgy. Central, Quezon City, Philippines Philippines
Social media @IsisIntl
Contact Person / Email Juliana Cano- /
Related activities on women, peace and security Isis International is a member of the Women Engaged in Action for 1325 (We Act 1325) since 2010. We Act is a national network of peace and human rights advocates in the Philippines. The major objective of the national network is to help the government implement the NAP as well as to concretely bring it to the women most affected by conflict situations in the country. Isis International also works, in partnership with Asia Pacific Women’s Watch and Equality Rights Access (JERA), with a grassroots initiative called Linking the Networks – Enhancing Social Media Strategies to Advance UNSCR 1325 in Asia. In addition to its work on Resolution 1325, Isis International runs an activist school, which provides capacity building in using media and communications for advocacy, social change and women’s rights. Since its launch in 2010, the Activist School has raised the voices of women in the Asia-Pacific and strengthened their cause-oriented advocacies including: addressing gender-based violence, peace building, and women’s rights in conflict situations. As part of the school, Isis has trained women on the use of media in conflict situations. For instance, Isis organized a training with MIN-WOW, a women’s radio group in southern Philippines, to build their capacity on how to report using a gender lens. This training also led to the publication of training materials on women, media, and conflict. Isis also did a media training with women in Mindanao as part of the WeAct network. In addition to capacity building, Isis International has researched issues on women, peace, and security. To find out to what extent or, if any at all, do peace advocated include or consider women and gender in their peace work, Isis carried out a study in 2012 on women peacemakers in the Philippines. It also carried out a major research on how cultural politics affect the implementation of resolution 1325 in the said country and in Indonesia.   Isis has also used its international standing to promoted discussions between different stakeholders on women and conflict. For instance, Isis organised a dialogue of media women and women in situations of conflict in partnership with WeAct.