Generation Peace Youth Network Inc. (GenPeace)

Organisation name Generation Peace Youth Network Inc. (GenPeace)
Address c/o Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute – GenPeace National Secretariat   Philippines

Social media @genpeace
Contact Person / Email Mr. Nikki Al Ben S. Delfin

Head of Secretariat


Ms. Beverly Orozco

Secretariat /

Related activities on women, peace and security – Education program for young women on gender mainstreaming and WPS (local)

– Promoting the national legislation Magna Carta on Women thru capacity building programs (national)

– Supporting local legislation on anti-discrimination bill thru partners (national)

– development of training modules on gender mainstreaming and WPS and facilitating workshops with international partners (international)

– supporting the Philippine peace processes particularly advocating the youth agenda on participation

– thematic programs for women, indigenous peoples youth