Center for Social Research and Development

Organisation name Center for Social Research and Development
Address 2/33 Nguyen Truong To street – Hue city – Vietnam Vietnam
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Contact Person / Email Ms. Tran Chi Thoi

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Related activities on women, peace and security The Centre for Social Research and Development (hereafter referred as CSRD) is a Vietnamese NGO based in Hue. CSRD was established in 2008 and founded by a group of dedicated professionals active in the field of community development and environmental protection. From 2012, CSRD has played as a coordinator of Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN) a forum of influential CSOs nationally and regionally. Moreover, CSRD participated in FORLAND, Save the Mekong Coalition and other alliances in the South East Asia.

The CSRD Vision is that:

  • industrial and urban development in Vietnam is planned and monitored to minimize damage to existing eco-systems; and
  • poor and vulnerable people, including women, confidently participate in decision-making about their lives, their livelihood and their future.

The core activity areas of the organization are:

  • Vietnam’s water resources, particularly the rivers and the hydropower industry;
  • Advocating on behalf of poor and vulnerable communities who are adversely impacted by industrial development;
  • Gender equality

With funding from international donors such as Oxfam, ICCO, AusAID, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung; from international banks such as the Asian Development Bank; and local funding sources such as the Vietnam Rivers Network, we have worked closely with local women, local ethnic groups and poor and vulnerable, rural communities, to support them to take a more prominent role in discussions and decision-making around hydropower plant construction and operation.

CSRD’s achievements include assisting local women impacted by hydropower to start up new income-generating activities such as tourism and manufacturing with bamboo. Most importantly, our support has increased the confidence and the skills of local women in raising their voice and continuing to raise their issues in the face of opposition or silence. They now believe in themselves. They no longer sign contracts they do not understand.

In every project conducted by CSRD, we always ensure about gender equality, including equal participation between men and women.