Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), Indonesia Country Office

Organisation name The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), Indonesia Country Office
Address Jl. Jati Padang II No. 18A, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Indonesian
Social media Ruby Khalifah @RubyKholifah
Contact Person / Email Ruby Kholifah /
Related activities on women, peace and security The nature of AMAN Indonesia is working for women and peacebuilding. We would like to contribute to build culture of peace in Indonesia through three strategies; to strengthen capacity of women through Women’s School for Peace at community level, to organize women and community to response development agenda in the community, and to facilitate national networks to build strong synergy for national advocacy.

As national chapter of AMAN, we are more investing our energy in the local level, in which our major program to train “ordinary” women to be extraordinary women, so they can fill the position of decision making in the community. Over 600 women from Jakarta (Kelurahan Pondok Bambu and Cakung Barat), Bogor (Kelurahan Loji), Poso (village of Pamona, Malei Lage, Poso Kota), Tasikmalaya (Ahmadiyah faith minority community), Jember, and Nusa Tenggara (Ahmadiyah Faith minority community) trained under regular class of women’s school for peace (Sekolah Perempuan Perdamaian) in period of 2 years peace education, that help me to gradually set up local mechanism of violent conflict prevention at the community level.

The women’s school for peace as learning media is slowly transformed into alternative women organization with mandate to build strong partnership with multi stakeholders in the community so they could together response development agenda. After 6 years intervention, the organization of Women’s School for Peace held the 1st Congress to declare the new women grass root association that focus to conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

While in national level, AMAN Indonesia engages progressively with women movement, womenpeace movement and human rights movement for freedom for religions. Currently, we are leading Indonesia Beragam Coalition, a coalition for general election to promote the 10 women’s political agenda for new legislatives and new president. At the same times, we are advocating for the rights of religious minority.

In international level, AMAN is playing major role in engaging intra interfaith dialogues to build peace, strengthening inter faiths cooperation to response crisis in the conflict area. We are under program of building school and build community awareness in Srilanka and Myanmar.